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Office Setup

MS Office or simply Office is a time tested suite of purpose-specific productivity tools designed to simplify your professional life. In order to employ this brilliant technology solution, you must perform a simple process. 


  1. In order to download office setup, launch your preferred Web Browser in the very first place. 
  2. Then, go to “”.
  3. Now, click on “Softwares” located at the top left-hand side of the following window. Then, click “Office” from the extended menu box.
  4. The following window displays details of all the available versions of Hence, closely review the details and select the most preferred subscription plan. Now, click the “Buy Now” button beneath the selected product. 
  5. As a result, it will prompt you to log in to your Microsoft Account. Hence, enter your login credentials and “Sign In” to your account.
  6. Next, you should click on the Cart icon at the top right-hand side of the following window. 
  7. On your Cart window, you will get complete details of the selected product including its price. Hence, go through the details and click “Checkout”.
  8. The following window will prompt you to log in to your Microsoft Account. This will happen only in case if you haven’t logged in to your account. Hence, “Sign In” to your Microsoft Account. 
  9. Subsequently, select a Payment Method. Then, enter the respective details accurately and confirm payment. 
  10. As a result, it will add the purchased product to your Account. Hence, click on the “Download” tab beside the purchased product on the following window. 
  11. Consequently, it will begin downloading Now, this will take some time. Hence, wait for the process to complete.
  12. Meanwhile, click “Save” or “Save As” if prompted to provide a download location. Thereafter, specify a preferred location for 


  1. First of all, search your system and locate the downloaded file. You may find it either in the “Downloads” folder or the location set while downloading it.
  2. Now, open the file by double-clicking on it.
  3. Next, you should click “Run” on the following Security Prompt.
  4. Then, click “Yes” to permit installation on the following “User Account Control” window. 
  5. The following window displays the Software License Agreement for Hence, attentively review the Agreement and click “Agree” to accept the terms. 
  6. After that, it will prompt you to log in to your Microsoft Account in case if you have a Mac device. Hence, properly Sign In to your Account. 
  7. Then, click “Continue” to proceed further. Thereafter, Mac users will be prompted to log in to your Administrator Account. Hence, enter your Mac Administrator ID and Password. Then, click “Sign In”. 
  8. Consequently, it will begin the Installation process for However, this will take some time. Hence, wait patiently while the process finishes.
  9. At last, you will get the message confirming completion of the installation process. Hence, click “Close” and exit the Installation Wizard.


  1. To begin with, locate the installed application suite on your system.
  2. Now, open any one of the applications that you wish to activate first. For instance, Word, Excel, Powerpoint etc.
  3. As a result, it will open the User Interface of the desired application. Then, click on the “Activate” button. For this, you should look for the button with a key icon. On the contrary, Mac users should simply click on the “Get Started” button to conclude the Activation process. 
  4. However, if you have a Windows device. Then, will prompt you to log in to your Microsoft Account. Hence, enter the login credentials accurately. Then, click “Sign In”.  
  5. Subsequently, you will get the Software Licence Agreement window. Now, read the document carefully. Then, click “Next” to accept the terms. 
  6. As a result, it activates your application. Another key point to remember is that you must activate each of the application individually.